Thank you for showing an interest in joining St Fillans Golf Club.

For speedy membership processing, please have a chat to our Manager.

We welcome applications for membership. Our club year runs from 1st January until the 31st December, and renewal fees are payable by 31st March. Details of membership are on the application form and we will be happy to process your application on receipt of your completed form which can be downloaded here:

Download Membership Form



Categories & Fees

Categories Fees
Adult  £390*
Country £230*
Seniors (Over 80) £210*
Junior (Under 18) £50
Non Playing £25
Student £190
* includes Clubhouse Catering Vouchers to the value of £10

Your interest in joining St. Fillans Golf Club is noted and appreciated. The following notes are given for your information and to help you achieve membership as quickly as possible. Our constitution permits a variety of categories of membership as defined on the application form. Please consider these in detail before settling on the one appropriate for you.

All applications for membership must be made on the form (that can be downloaded at the top of this page) and submitted to the Secretary at the Clubhouse for presentation to the Council which has sole discretion in awarding membership in any category. Applications must be proposed and seconded by members of at least two years' standing who know the applicant.

Our Club Managerwill be pleased to introduce you to members if you have recently come to the area.

The Club year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Renewal of subscriptions is in March, within thirty days of the fees being announced following the Annual General Meeting in January.

The rules of the Club are embodied in our constitution which you can inspect in the Clubhouse or download from here.

 Club Constitution.


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