Raised tee: 170 yards or so; open fairway ahead. No problem, but... cheeky bunker, just a tiny bit to the left of the ideal line. Two more bunkers, either side of a long but narrow green. Heavy rough on the left to catch the (duck) hook. Don't be deceived. You came up the 7th into the breeze, so the 8th should be downwind, but when you get on the tee, the draught is in your face. Enjoy this "simple" hole, but show it some respect and be glad of a par! John Light, Member (Handicap index 26.3)


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   White   3 14 172
   Winter Male 18   3 16 132
   Yellow   3 14 167
   Red   3 16 164
   Winter Ladies 18   3 16 132

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