A few years ago, when Vijay Singh stood on the first tee, he asked a member where the green was placed. He then placed his ball and drove the 321 yards to the edge of the putting surface. My talent has never reached anything like that level, but to stand at the first and gaze at your surroundings makes "almost" every game a pleasure. From the tee, you should keep your shot to the centre, avoiding the wood on the left as a ball in there can be costly. Just short of the road - or over it - gives you a clear view of the green and a 6 iron gets me to the green. After a couple of putts to get par, enjoy the view and your game. Fraser Ballantyne, Member (Handicap index 32.7)


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   White   4 5 345
   Winter Male 18   4 7 219
   Yellow   4 5 321
   Red   4 5 314
   Winter Ladies 18   4 5 219

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