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St Fillans Golf Club is situated in the heart of Highland Perthshire, in one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland with magnificent lochs and towering mountains. The village of St Fillans sits at the eastern end of Loch Earn, its rows of houses, hotels and guesthouses enjoying the fabulous view up the loch. Tucked away across the River Earn is the nine-hole St Fillans course.

Considering the imposing hills that surround the course, the terrain is surprisingly level, and is popular with those new to the sport yet proves to be a difficult course to score well on for the more experienced player.

At this nine hole course each hole is very challenging and a combination of course design, superb green keeping and breathtaking scenery keep players on the course as long as possible.

Sandy Lyle Charity Day - 1st August

Masters Champion Sandy Lyle will be in attendance throughout the day to meet and greet all teams - enrol today £200 / team

Membership Offers

Country Membership now available £160/year.

(Restricted to those residing more than 50 miles distant from St Fillans, and not having access to a 2nd home or caravan)

Deals also available on FULL membership!